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Human Zoo


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Verse 1: Too much pain, too much sorrow In too many people’s lives Enemies have the power To enslave every one of us. They tell you they know you better But they don’t even know your name Bunch of lies in love letters Cold-blood rules this twilight place. Chorus: Got bruises Got blood in my eyes I’m too weak to run It’s too late to hide. Got bruises Got pain in my heart I don’t fit this world I step on stones. Verse 2: Women with hungry children Men struggling to wet their mouths A water drop makes a difference They drink from a well of inessential life. Sinking ship with survivors Still no-one’s giving them a hand They all drown in the silence. And nobody bothers to care. Chorus: Got bruises...
Civil War 05:00
Verse 1: Who knows what to say when all words are dead? Who knows what to do when all goes mad? Who knows? Chorus: Empty places but I'm here with you Screaming silence in this cozy room We say nothing, or we say something wrong That's the way we’ve been behaving, for so long. Verse 2: Who knows where to go when there is no home? Who knows where to stay when nothing brings hope? Who knows? Chorus: Empty places... Verse 3: Who knows where to hide when safety is gone? Who knows how to end this cruel civil war?
Human Zoo 06:03
Verse 1: I’m nobody’s savior I’m nobody’s god But I would change the nature of this evil world. No more lies No more fights No sacrifice No more cold No more wars And no closing doors. Chorus: Believing in brotherhood But we’re living, we’re living in a human zoo No equal chance, no dignity left We’re losing, we’re losing our human face. Verse 2: Glass of powerlessness Gold cup of disgrace Winnings for greedy takers And freedom with tied hands. No more light No own rights No mercy around No more faith State of hate This is what we get. Chorus: Believing in brotherhood... Bridge: Too late for dying and too late to live This land is not fertile, and this fruit is weak.
Mama 06:37
Verse 1: Mama, you've always been alone You wanted to give us the greatest home You're hiding your tears when you cry (away from your child) Oh mama, you left yourself behind. Chorus: I look into your heart, look into your heart. Verse 2: Forgiveness is shining from your blue eyes Forever and ever and ever you'll be holding our hearts You put so much love into giving in endless ways Oh mama, you put all before yourself. Chorus: I look into your heart. Bridge: You've always been alone You gave us love and home You keep us in your heart You left yourself behind.
Rotten Fruit 04:32
Verse 1: I was so rushed to love you I was hurried with our love Told you everything about myself Like we’re never gonna reach tomorrow I knew there was nothing better I knew nothing’s been this right I knew there’d be no fear together Nothing we could not overcome And my face like a flower And my heart without blues Then a whispered voice spoke up loud Changed my love into a rotten fruit Said this love would not last forever Said this love had never been pure I knew we would soon surrender I knew we’d not bond for good Chorus: Things aren’t as pretty - on the inside. Verse 2: You’re giving me you in parts Bits of sweet and salt, cold and light The rest you hid for the sunrise Kissing me and saying sweet „good night” But we died before the morning Were too late to see the next day And we’ve gone without living We died before the end. But nothing can make me give up (And) nothing can hurt me more Here I am - ready to forgive now I will keep the love nobody wants I will keep you in my memories I will keep your shadow love Cuz like all the pain remaining Y You are irreplaceable. Chorus: Things aren’t as pretty on the inside...
Lust 04:28
Desire for wonders - lust in the mirror Vanity hunters - lust in the... Surrendering fighters - lust in the mirror King Ego’s hunger - lust in the... Into a slumber - lust in the mirror.
Shame 05:08
Verse 1: Take me to a place where nobody can find me Take me to a place for poor fool like me I don't wanna hear my guilt in his silent heart I don't wanna see in his eyes what I have done. What a fool I was to think you'd keep on trying What a fool I was to leave you in the rain Now I'm drowning in the tears you made from my blame I won't get any relief. I own this pain. Chorus: People won't find me Cuz people see the light And I'm hidden alone here with my soul that is too dark. Verse 2: Take me to a place where nobody can hear me Take me to a place where I can pay for sins I will cry for you an ocean of my shame I will scream until my heart will understand. Look into my heart and tell me what you see there Look into my eyes and say if I can cry I became a stone, and I'm going, going under. I became somebody cold, without a heart. Chorus: People won't find me...
White Crown 05:37
Verse 1: He was just a bird, just a black bird Fourteen years old, fourteen years old They put a white crown on his head, (oh no!) Telling him this was his very last toy. Hadn’t seen his parents for eighty days, for eighty days Not even any familiar face Hadn’t got any help from the Lord Hadn’t got any love from above. Chorus: On and on and on - We go the same way On and on and on - go round in circles. Verse 2: Now look at the mother and her lost Now look at the father and his life cost Walking in the house couldn’t find home Couldn’t hear any sound, couldn’t speak a word. Couldn’t see any stars in the night Couldn’t see any light, any light in the sun The sky was full of bombs, it was year 44 He was just a bird, he was just a boy. Chorus: On and on and on - We go the same way On and on and on - go round in circles.
Too Late 05:20
Verse 1: I heard, I heard you dying You were lying on the ground I heard you dying, I heard you dying But you never, you never said stop. Chorus: Too late. Verse 2: Crushing stones, exploding places But you can hardly hear the sound Your shining eyes going into blackness Desolation, a knife in the heart. Chorus: Too late...
Inner Self 03:28


The album "Human Zoo" by the band Lonely Sinners shows humans as beings caught in a machine of abuse and cruelty driven by their own weaknesses. The starting point for the material was a speech given by Yeonmi Park at the One Young World Summit congress in Dublin in 2014, relating her escape from North Korea. A fragment of the thirteen-year-old girl's speech was incorporated into one of the songs on the band's album.

The decadent feel of the lyrics in "Human Zoo", which were written by Nika, is accompanied by downtempo music with elements of trip-hop; turning here and there down an industrial path. In order to maintain balance, the album contains a few tracks on less serious topics, although they also contain a touch of melancholy and a sense of lost hope. The creators of "Human Zoo" recorded the material contrary to mainstream requirements since they do not adhere to stereotypes in art. Their pieces are about five to six-minute-long stories with a return to a style of music that is listened to but not massively consumed.

The music was composed by Seb and Nika, and the guitar bass was added by Sebastian Kucharski. Seb once again took care of the production, while the mix and mastering are the work of Andrzej Izdebski.


released August 13, 2021

Nika - Vocal, Lyrics, Composing
Seb - Composing, Programming, Synthesizers, Guitar, Musical Arrangement, Production
Sebastian Kucharski - Bass Guitar
Mix & Mastering: Andrzej Izdebski in IZIphonics Studio
Recorded at Hero Team Studio, California 2019.


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LONELY SINNERS San Francisco, California

Every man is a sinner - that's how we've found each other.
Silence is like loneliness - that's why we make music.

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